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Are you struggling with traffic or maybe getting your offer in front of a targeted audience?  Have your search engine rankings and traffic dwindled more and more with every new animal in the Google Zoo? I am sure we are all fed up hearing strategy after strategy and bouncing from one thing to the next. Wouldn’t it be nice to take the best knowledge and strategies and put them all into one software package. It’s not enough to just post any old links to your website anymore you must become “social” or you are wasting your time. A like or +1 is not the same as it used to be and gone are the days of creating yet another account and more back links or social accounts without activity as they are just that dead pages.

“Big ‘G’ is watching your social activity and weighting your serps accordingly!”

It’s true SEO has changed!  The search engines are constantly monitoring your social activity and social signals so  if your not leveraging the top social influences then your chances of high rankings are greatly reduced. Worry no more!  Social Investor can give you the edge by doing just that. Now you are able to build your relationship and contact new influential people everyday networking on autopilot. Drop them your latest cpa offer or squeeze page / money site or or what ever message you are trying to get across in a friendly comment to which we have found people to be very responsive to. Imagine being able to post campaigns and get ‘Real People To Do Real Things’! No more trying to game the signals by buying likes or tweets from dead spam accounts just post your campaign requirement (such as articles comments tweets likes shares links or what ever you can think of that you need doing) and get REAL people just like you to fulfill it.  Whats more it won’t cost you a dime once you have purchased Social Investor to do those things. Social Investor will help improve your ROI and can reduce your cost per lead to literally zero while homing in on the most engaged people that will help your campaigns be the most successful! Allowing you to build a much stronger online presence. The best part is its a software you can leave running every single day. You can physically watch your metrics rise keeping track of your progress across all of the top social engines even your wordpress blog and rss feeds.

Auto Networking| Build Opt-In Lists | Build Relationships | Market To Users From:-


Extremely detailed but EASY software broken down to literally a click of the mouse.

So easy to use anyone can get started in minutes right out of the box.  Instantly you will be making social connections – dropping a friendly on topic comment – saving social engine profiles (to be later reused in the social module).

  • Constant Social Buzz

    Create a constant increasing buzz about your products and services –  sending new streams of traffic to which ever site / url you wish and change it at any time.

  • Unmatched Social Network List Building

    Epic list building from the top social networks on autopilot.

  • Save Hours Of Research Time & Money

    Social Investor harnesses the industry leading social metrics provided by Empire Ave (Learn More). Allowing You To Target The Top Social Network Influencers In Your Niche Or Industry!

  • Build Your Opt-In Email Lists On Auto Pilot

    Easily create missions for people to sign up to your lists or send traffic to your squeeze pages or CPA offers?  Social Investor makes actions such as this a breeze. Best of all they do not cost a dime extra.

  • Run 24/7 Like Having Your Own Virtual Assistant

    Social Investor can work 24/7 doing your tasks for you – creating a buzz and dropping your offers / messages / websites to fresh faces totally unattended.

  • Get REAL People To Do Real Things

    Get Social Investor working for you – Perhaps you need an article written – some real likes to your Facebook page from real people – People to watch your YouTube videos – maybe you need some graphics design or posts to your blog?  Whatever you can think of (within reason) – Post a request and let a REAL person do it for you!

Social Engine Optimization

Will take your social networking  to the next level into 2014 and also create a lot of winners and loosers. If your not taking advantage of social signals, live comments and social backlinks you will never see first page results.

Fortunately Social investor will be tirelessly working for you even whilst your sleeping!  Building massive lists of highly influential social contacts and making contact to build rapport on your behalf 24/7!

Social Activity is what is going to put your pages on the top of search engines.

Social Investor allows you to get REAL PEOPLE to do REAL things – maybe you need some social signals such as tweets, likes, shares or perhaps you want some targeted back links or comments to your blog / facebook page or where ever else you would like them.  With Social Investor  you will have real people flocking to perform social actions for you. - Using the vehicle Empire Ave (Learn More)! to maximum effect!

WHY You Need It Now!

  • Acquire Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & GPlus Profiles For List Building
  • Promote Your Offers To Hundreds of Savvy Business Owners Every Day!
  • Utilize Industry Leading Social Metrics To Target The Perfect Audience
  • Focus Your Marketing Efferts Where They Have The Most Impact & See The Results In Social Metrics
  • Send Messages Through System, Facebook, Twitter, G Plus & LinkedIn Direct To The Most Influential Social Networkers
  • Use your created wealth to increase your social signals, gain followers, views, comments and more.
  • Auto Pilot Social Networking and complete management of Empire Avenue!

Social Networking Features

  • Social Network Domination

    Get Likes, Shares, Comments & Group Joins
    Tweets, Re-Tweets & Follwers
    Plus +1’s , Shares, Circle & Group Adds
    Youtube Views, Channel Subscriptions, Thumbs Up & Favorites
    Instagram, Pinterest & Flickr Image likes
    Literally anything you can think of!

  • Bonus Lead Generation Features

    Gather up every user you invest in’s facebook, twitter, G Plus and linkedIn profiles to their own lists for later cross promotion & advertising discounts.
    Invite new friends, associates and circle members.- Tweet out to your investments
    Send additional offers, list building
    Possibilities are endless with these super fresh lists of red hot leads you will be generating with your own (pre qualified) social activity on autopilot

  • Post Hundreds Of Offers Every Day!

    Post a “Shout Out” which is a comment and a back link on every user you interact with’ Empire Avenue wall for all to see.  Advertise your products and service to marketers and business owners wile your sleeping. Empire Social Investor runs 24/7 for you.

Empire Account Management System

  • Stock Portfolio Management

    Relax wile Empire Investor takes care of adding new stock  at their lowest price and dumping downward trending stocks making you a nice profit, all on auto pilot.  Generate currency you can use for social interactions and increasing your social Klout everyday  24/7!

  • Take It To The Next Level

    Harvest & drill down to the top stocks by dividend, price, change, yield and many more factors!
    Reinvest in your shareholders and keep them coming back for more of you and get your message out again and again!

  • Monitor, Analyse & Track Everything!

    Built in complex statistics monitor gives you a visual readout of all your activity. Track all your vital empire avenue statistics and Empire Investor in one easy to read out display showing  new arrival stocks added, sold , reinvested, newly invested top stocks  and social details harvested by amount and percent of activity.

  • Not Only Professional Account Management & Social Networking Automation System BUT Much More!

    Social Investor uses a powerful system provided by Empire avenue a social networking game as a vehicle to facilitate things like list building and social networking amongst other things. The benefits of playing Empire Avenue aren’t just in the game. Yes this real world “Social Networking Game” is very addicting and you will indeed find yourself spending more time branching out and creating new connections than you ever imagined. Spend as little as 5 minutes setting it up for the first time then let it run in the background or sit down and get right into it and explore some of the more advanced features available only if you want to use them!

  • Measure Social Activity From :

    Facebook Graph               Instagram
    Twitter Feed                     Flikr
    GPlus Trend           Stumbleupon
    LinkedIn           Foursquare

    Plus Many More!

Bottom line This will zero in and target new markets you may have been missing out on!

  • Complex Features Automated

    1 Click to start or stop

  • Multi Threaded Operation 24/7

    Runs all day everyday

  • Intelligent Comment Placement

    Comments are always intelligible and focused

  • Complex Stat Monitoring

    Track your progress graphically

  • User friendly interface

    Set it and forget it

  • Detailed Log

    Track all of your activity in a second to second report

  • Unmatched List Building

    Build Super targetted lists from Facebook, Gplus, Linkedin and twitter on autopilot

  • Generate Eaves 24/7

    Intelligently buying and selling wile you sleep

  • Personalized Social Networking

    Post offers and messages with every interaction

Social Networking, List & Rapport Building

On Auto Pilot 24/7 !

Build Rapport & Gain A Steady Stream Of Traffic

With "Shout Outs" (Comment posts) & Social Missions

  • Add comments on every interaction!
  • Reach top social influencers with your message
  • Spinnable comments are 100% unique everytime!
  • Use tokens for persons name to give your messages a personal touch!
  • Make new friends, build likes and shares and save on Facebook advertising!
  • Gain followers and retweet your content to new audiences
  • Build up your circles , plus ones and social sharing on Google Plus
  • Network and build rapport with top social influencers on LinkedIn
  • Network with Top Social Influencers
  • Save hours weeding through profiles
  • Gather by countless factors and filters
  • 1 Click interaction to buy and shout out
  • Control every setting + spinnable comments

  • 1

    Easy To Install Software

    Just unzip the software to the folder you require and run the Social Invester exe - It's that simple!

  • 2

    One Click To Save One Click To Run!

    Simply enter your site user name and pass into the software then click Arrivals to start generating eaves right away! Want to know every last details of the software and how to best take advantage of Empire Ave? No problem everyone gets a 25 page full color guide and videos in the members area.

Check out Top Internet Marketer Impressions Of Social Investor In Action With Their Business

.......Definitely a must have if you're looking to drive social signals to your pages creating traffic engagement to your offers. Facebook & Twitter exchanges are a dime a dozen but, 1's You'll be lucky to get any that stick after a couple days. That's why I use Rich's software. The crowd on Empire Avenue is very professional, savvy and responsive to my offers. George aka ActiveX, Beta Software Tester
Absolutely Loving, Social Investor It would be almost impossible to get the same results doing things manually. Thanks Rich Absolutely loving empire social investor! Scotty Barker,
It's awesome.  I had an old EA account that had 177Eeaves on it and now after about a week and a half I'm at 2mil (1.8 mil to be exact).  When you figure that 500K Eaves are $99, that's pretty dang cool. One request...  remove the sales button?  I'd like to not have my future competition using it. ;)  Can't wait to see how this evolves. Dean Soto
Ok – I am addicted... I knew social networking was becoming more and more important but just hadn’t got my head round it until I tried Social Investor and found out what Social Investor could do, what’s more I am having fun whilst doing it.  Having fun while earning social credits / networking and building up my business – now that’s not something you hear very often. 5 Stars from me! Rosemary G,

It’s about to get better…


Here’s what we will do to prove that we are genuinely here to help you… and make sure this is one of the best investments you’ve ever made.


Free Bonuses For All Buyers

Simply Buy Social Investor today and we will throw in the following Free Bonuses:

Spin Text Constructor & Tester

Never worry about sending out silly sounding comments and messages again. Create and test your comments before entering them into your social investor software. Ensuring 100% your comments are spot on, friendly and unique every time.

Social Account Creator

Save hours creating social media accounts on the top social networks with this stand alone account creator software. Fast multi threaded account creation solves captcha uses spin text and verifies emails.

F.ree Webinar

In a few weeks time, once everyone is comfortable with the software we will host a free webinar answering your questions and discussing the future upgrade path for the software suite.


This is the missing link in your Social Networking

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7 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want to be absolutely sure you are totally satisfied with the Empire Social Investor Software. If within 7 days of your purchase you have tried the software and give it a fair chance and don’t feel like you’ve received your moneys worth simply send an email with your purchase receipt as an attachment to our support page and fill in the refund form we will give you by return and we will happily return EVERY cent of your investment in FULL (in fact we would be embarrassed to keep it). That’s a very fair rock solid guarantee would you agree?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Will this software be continually developed?

    A.Yes you can see the update log in the footer.

  • Q.Is there any upsells or One Time Offers?

    A.Yes there is.  We have the pro edition upgrade which has many more features in it.  We have a special price on this too (Normal Retail price is $199 for this edition) but we have it on offer for you for a short time.  Don’t think of the Standard version as a lite version, they are actually 2 different software sharing similar gui’s (not to confuse people) and the pro took a lot longer to develop.  We also have a Video software some of you may like.

  • Q.Does This Use The Stock Market? Is It A Real Currency?

    A.No. When we say invest and shares they are virtual not real currency. For you to use this software you do not need to spend any more money unless you want to buy add-ons within the platform which is totally optional.