Swipes and Email Ideas


Empire Social Investor can be used in so many ways these emails only briefly touch on some of the features it offers.

Some examples of emails that would be a little outside the box would be how using social investor can drive targetted traffic to squeeze pages (perhaps include a bonus for this) on autopilot all day every day or how it will help you manage your reputation as you can easily track your own social metrics and see areas where you could use improvement (perhaps tie it in with your business in some way).

The list building abilities of the software to gather thousands of user ids from twitter, facebook, G+ and linkedIn are only briefly touched on in these emails and can be expanded much further with bonus offers , strategies the skies are the limits. The best success is to be had by coming up with a unique angle, offer or bonus.

I encourage you to rewrite the emails for your audience however they are ready for cut and paste.  (After inserting your aff id)

Long Form


Email 1

SUBJECT: Is Your Traffic Dwindling? NEW Windows Software Can Help!

Hi ,

Targeted Traffic + Good Product = Money!
Have you been bitten by each new move the Google zoo makes? Lots
of people have lost rankings and traffic with all these changes.


SEO has changed!  

The search engines are constantly monitoring your social activity 
and social signals and take it into account with their ranking factors 
so if your not leveraging the top social influences then your 
chances of high rankings are greatly reduced.

Social Investor is a fresh new Windows Software that can help 
you with many tasks from list building, social signals, CPA offers, 
traffic and much more.


If that isn't enough, You can directly market and social network with
thousands of like minded marketers and business owners!

And that's not all...

I could easily go on and on about how important it is to get real likes,
followers and shares and that social metrics is now the deciding factor
between the winners and loosers.

Be Quick Though as Richard and Jane are putting the price up with every 
few sales.  This software usually sells for nearly 10 x the price, so grab 
it now before they end the offer.

To Your Success,

[Your Name]

Email 2

SUBJECT: NEW Windows Software Taking The Market By Storm
Hi ,

I'm sure you've heard it before. Work smart, not hard.

Social Investor allows you to get REAL PEOPLE to do REAL things – maybe you need 
some social signals such as tweets, likes, shares or perhaps you want some targeted 
backlinks or comments to your blog / facebook page or where ever else you would like them.  

With Social Investor you will have real people flocking to perform social actions for you.


This is a smart and sophisticated program which is so easy to use, infact you can set it up 
in under 5 minutes and have it running in the background. It will save you countless
The beauty of Empire Social Investor is that it really does all the work
for you!

It really is just point and click. You fill in your details and push one button.
So easy to do and you'll be social networking with hundreds of like minded 
business owners and marketers everyday!

Now that's what I call working smart, business in a box style!

Best of all, Social Investor is being introduced at a crazy special offer price #
for a limited period. Try it now before your competition does!


To Your Success


Email 3

SUBJECT: Work Smart NOT Hard With This NEW Windows Software
Hi , 

It’s not enough to just post any old links to your website anymore 
you must become “social” or you are wasting your time. 

A like or +1 is not the same as it used to be and gone are the days 
of creating yet another account and more back links or social accounts 
face facts without activity they are just dead pages. 

And herein lies the problem - this process takes TIME. 
Time you should be using for relaxing, time you should be focused on the 
things you love. 

So what's the solution?

Right now, there is only one - you need an " Social Investment Software". 
A software that takes tedious repetitive actions and process them for you. 
This tricks the search engines, and means you get visitors - and profits - 
the easy way. 

You can do all that and more using a new tool I use with great success - 
Social Investor. In fact, it will take care of a big portion of your daily 
social networking activity on autopilot. Helping your business to become an 
instant authority in Google's eyes and delivering tons of targeted buyers. 

Fortunately Social investor will be tirelessly working for you even whilst your sleeping!  
Building massive lists of highly influential social contacts and making contact 
to build rapport on your behalf 24/7! And if you think this sounds too good 
to be true you can check it out here... == >Your AFF ID With Empire Social Investor 
you have the power to blast your offers to an unlimited number of new and unique but 
qualified people from all over the world. Just plug in your settings and let the software 
do the rest. If you act fast you can get in on introductory pricing today. 

Here's the link for you... [YOUR LINK HERE]


Short Form



Email 4

SUBJECT: Social activity and weighting your serps accordingly!

Hi ,
SEO has changed!  The search engines are constantly monitoring your social activity 
and social signals so  if your not leveraging the top social influences then your 
chances of high rankings are greatly reduced.

If you have any sort of content on the web, then you need
to pay attention to this, because you're going to learn about the
most unique social networking & list building automation tool that I have ever seen.

This tool is called Empire Social Investor, and its available here:


With it you can easily create recurring credits to use on missions for people to sign 
up to your lists or send traffic to your squeeze pages or CPA offers?  Social Investor 
makes actions such as this a breeze. Best of all they do not cost a dime because your 
creating credits to use on the system 24/7.
To your success


Email 5

SUBJECT: Secret Software Top Marketers & Small Business Are Using To Multiple Their Traffic!


This Software Rocks!  I can't say too much about it as its TOP SECRET!

Why not take a look for yourself?


Be Quick though the price is increasing with every sale!